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Business Processing Sourcing and Co-sourcing

Cosourcing, to some extent, is an outsourcing business development method with the difference that:

  • In cosourcing collaboration starts from the beginning of the product definition and design. The cosourcer's role is not limited to the development phase only.
  • The full project management can even be carried out by the cosourcer.
  • The cosourcer has more than just extra resources. The cosourcer has both Technical and Business expertise in the field of  that particular business process.


  • Being specialized, the cosourcer can provide post-development support and maintenance services when required.
  • When the cosourcer leverages on a geographically distributed team, cosourcing can achieve exceptional return on investment through cost reduction.

Why cosource?

There are three main reasons justifying a cosourcing:

  • Limited resources: a company might lack the resources.
  • Timing: a company might not have the time to develop a new product using just internal resources.
  • Cost: the cost of cosourcing is much lower than an internal development.

Who cosources?

Virtually any company can call upon the services of a cosourcing company.

  • Technology companies seeking to build new products or to innovate existing products but who lack the time and resources.
  • Corporations seeking to build new business markets but lack the time and resources.
  • And any other company seeking to promote new products and to innovate existing products.