Vigeo International

Disciplinary Skills Programme

Description: Within all enterprises, all parties involved in employee relations have an important role to play in conflict handling and resolution. Line managers, supervisors and employees have a key role in handlin disputes and grievances that arise at different levels within the organisation. The object of this programme is to develop the skills and knowledge of all managers with regard to teh Disciplinary/Grievance procedures.



  • Background
  • Identifying the difference between Grievance and Disciplinary issues
  • Reflecting on the impact of Legislation with regard to these issues

Disciplinary Procedure:

  • Definition
  • Gross Misconduct
  • Investigation
  • The Disciplinary Interview
  • Various Stages of Procedure
  • Sample Disciplinary Procedure
  • Sample Letters required by Employer to comply with requirements as stated under Unfair Dismissals Act
  • Documentation and Record Keeping

Grievance Procedure:

  • Grievance Handling
  • Management checklist for Grievance Handling
  • Sample Grievance Procedure