Vigeo International

Fluent English Course

For those who know English But Cannot Speak, Vigeo has designed the Fluent English Course specially for the peculiar condition existing in Pakistan where most people have learnt English in school, can read and write English, but can not SPEAK fluently. This course differs in purpose, scope and method from courses offered by all other institutions in Pakistan.

You can best judge the necessity for attending this course by:

Asking yourself:

  • Do i think in English when trying to speak in English?
  • Can i overcome my shyness when English is spoken?
  • Can i reply a question spontaneously?
  • Can i answer in English without hesitation in an interview?
  • Can i speak English at a company meeting without apprehension?
  • Can i step up and speak to a foreigner with confidence?
  • Can my ears pick up a sentence when it is spoken for the first time?
  • Can i articulate English words correctly?

In Short:

  • Can i speak English fluently with confidence?

If the answer to any of these questions is “NO”, we strongly advise you to take the Vigeo Fluent English Course. We GUARANTEE that if you complete this course seriously, the answers to each and every one of theses questions will change to “YES”.