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How do we work with a Client?

Here we will briefly describe each of the 5 stages of the product process of cosourcing:

Product Planning

During the product planning stage the product roadmap is defined and the process planned. This is an important phase due to the fact that it is the first point of convergence between all the stakeholders in the process. A special effort should be made to make every stakeholder agree on the definitions and elements of a product and planning. Product planning is a consultative and collaborative process of consensus building.

Product Design

Product design is the work of architects who draw up the high-level design of the product or application. This is the opportunity to make sure that the product is in line with business strategy, market strategy, and product strategy in general. This design sets the framework within which the later stages of product development will depend upon. The product design process is an iterative process of building a convergence between all the dimensions of a product: Marketing, Technical, Corporate Strategy.

Specifications Building

Once the general design of a product has been produced, its specifications have to be detailed. These will consist of technical as well as functional specifications. The requirements will also detail the integration specifications of the product and application.

The requirements will be detailed from different perspectives: The user, the administrator, installer, etc.

The relative weight and nature of each of the above specifications will depend on the nature of the product or application and its design.

Product Development & Testing

The Product Development phase is at the heart of the product process. It crucially depends on the previous stages and its outcome will depend on the quality of work produced in those phases. This phase consists not only of the development itself but of the production of product documentation.


The end of the product development is just the beginning of the product?s life. The product needs to be maintained and to evolve over time. That?s why a cosourcing company needs to provide the expertise stability necessary to comfort the cosourcee.

These 5 stages interact with one another in complex and unexpected ways.

t is because the cosourcing company masters all the stages and their complexities that a cosourced project can be successful.