Vigeo International

Recruitment and Interviewing Skills

Description: Recruitment and interviewing skills is concerned with ensuring that the organisation obtains and retains the human capital it needs and employs them productively. It is also about those aspects of employments practices that are concerned with welcoming people to the organisation. In order to be proficient at this it is imperative that all managers and team leaders have the skills required to build this human capital. This programme involves participants working on procedures and process that will result in the successful selection of the company`s best asset - it`s Human Capital


  • No prerequisites.


  • Background
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Current Legislation incorporating an insight into the various acts impacting on the recruitment process, i.e, Equality Act., etc

Recruitment and Selection Process:

  • Defining Requirements
  • Attracting candidates
  • Advertising
  • Internet Recruiting
  • Outsourcing Recruitment
  • Screening Applications
  • Selection Methods
  • Types of Interviews

Selection Interviewing:

  • Purpose
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of interviews
  • Nature of an interview
  • Interviewing Arrangements
  • Preparation
  • Timing
  • Planning and Structuring of Intervies
  • interviewing Approaches
  • Interview Techniques - starting and finishing
  • Interviewing Techniques - asking questions, analogies, open, closed, behavioural, etc