Vigeo International

Software Development

Our method is based on a full cycle approach. We can step in at any phase of the product process. It is one of the unique qualities of Vigeo to be able to step in early and even from the start of the product process. We can schematically divide the product process in 5 stages.

  • Product planning
  • Product design
  • Specifications building
  • Development  including testing & QC
  • Support and Maintenance

What should be noted is that in reality product process phases are not as clear-cut and as distinct from one another. A product development process is inherently "complex" and does not lend itself to simplistic methodological divisions. There are numerous feedback loops between the different stages and sub-stages of the development. There are numerous dependencies and unexpected parameters which reveal themselves as the project evolves. There is the human parameter which is inherently difficult to manage and plan. Cosourcing, as opposed to outsourcing, does allow the cosourcee to have a more realistic approach of the above issues.

Project delays are not a fatality, they are due to miss-management. Companies have become all too used to project delays. The reason is that they rely on planning only. Lack of responsibility to produce results usually inhibits the capacity of a product process to have an ad hoc behaviour. Hence when planning falls short of solving an issue there is not alternative mode kicking in to fill in the void.