Vigeo International

The Breakthrough in Language Learning

How the System Works? You must be wondering how we can make you speak fluent English with confidence in just 2-1/2 months. Here’s how:

Ear Training

Your course will start with a lot of “ear training”. You will be listening and repeating aloud a massive amount of English. This will help your ears pick up a sentence the first time you hear it.


Repeating and copying a foreign voice aloud will make your tongue and lips articulate English word smoothly.

Thinking in English

The necessity to repeat what you hear will force your brain to start thinking in English. Later, we will make you speak without time to translate.

Shyness and Spontaneity

You will start conversing when you are “paired” with another student. With the help of provided material, you will ask each other so many questions that you will begin to answer spontaneously and overcome shyness.


Periodically you will be interviewed by teacher. Here you will get a chance to try your English as if in a normal interview. The teacher will also help you eliminate your faults.

Building Confidence

You will be giving presentations on which you will be questioned . This will help improving your confidence in “extempore” speaking.

The Ultimate Fluency

Finally you will take part in “Free for All” group discussions on subjects ranging from day to day affairs to serious international topics. You will enjoy discussing them fluently with fellow students.