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What Is the TOEFL Test?

The TOEFL® test (Test of English as a Foreign Language™) measures the ability of nonnative speakers of English to use and understand English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and university settings.
The TOEFL test is offered in different formats depending on a test taker's location.


The TOEFL® iBT (Internet-based Test) tests all four language skills that are important for effective communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The test helps students demonstrate that they have the English skills needed for success.

What Is the Benefit of An Internet-based Test?

The TOEFL iBT emphasizes integrated skills and provides better information to institutions about students' ability to communicate in an academic setting and their readiness for academic coursework. With Internet-based testing, ETS can capture speech and score responses in a standardized manner.
Online registration and online score reporting make it easier for students to register for the TOEFL iBT and receive their test scores.

Test Content

The TOEFL® iBT (Internet-based test) emphasizes integrated skills and measures all four language skills, including speaking. The content on the test is authentic, and the language is consistent with that used in everyday, real academic settings.
The test has four sections

  • Reading measures the ability to understand academic reading matter.
  • Listening measures the ability to understand English as it is used in colleges and universities.
  • Speaking measures the ability to speak English.
  • Writing measures the ability to write in a way that is appropriate for college and university course work.

Test content is based on a “corpus,” or database, of spoken and written language that currently contains more than 2.7 million words, collected from educational institutions throughout the United States.
The spoken language in the database was collected from

  • lectures and interactive classes
  • labs
  • office hours
  • study groups
  • everyday service interactions (for example, at the bookstore or registrar's office).

The written language was collected from sources, such as textbooks and course materials.
Listening and reading texts in the test conform to the characteristics of the language in the database.

Preparing for the TOEFL iBT Test

Preparation for the test will depend on the amount of time you have available and your personal preferences for how to prepare. At a minimum, before you take the TOEFL Test, you should know what to expect from the test, including the administrative procedures, types of questions and directions, the approximate number of questions, and the amount of time for each section. The administrative procedures include registration, date, time, test center location, cost, score reporting procedures, and availability of special testing arrangements. Remember—you can not do very well on the test without preparing yourself answering every question in each section of the test correctly. Everyone—even the most practiced and confident of writers—should spend some time preparing for the writing section before arriving at the test center. Same thing is true about the listening, reading and speaking sections. It is important to review the skills measured, how the section is scored, scoring guides and score level descriptions, sample topics, scored sample essay responses, and reader commentary.

Vigeo gives students and professionals the best in test preparation combined with unbeaten convenience and flexibility. Vigeo offers specialized preparation services for TOEFL to insure you high scores in the actual TOEFL Test.

We have devised a unique system of education which simulates the actual testing environment to give the students a true taste of testing centre environment. As a whole, TOEFL at Vigeo is a 150 hours training program which runs for approximately 10 weeks with two and a half hours daily, six days a week, providing you 50 hours of listening, 50 hours of speaking and 50 hours of reading & writing training. For further information about class timing and study schedule, please contact our admission office.