Vigeo International

Train the IT Trainer

Description: Business strategies and IT systems which underpin them are severely limited if users are unable to fulfull their promise by utilizing effectively the computer systems. It is at this point that professional IT training comes into its own. Traditional training techniques form a good basic knowledge for the IT trainer but do not cover the unique environment in which this type of training takes place. The aim of this focused 1-day course is to prepare the IT trainer for these special circumstances.

  • Making IT Interesting:
  • Individuals Expectations and Fears:
  • Technical Problems:
  • Mixed Groups:
  • "KISS" in Explanations, Examples and Practicals:
  • Generating Rapport and Maintaining Interest:
  • Balancing Telling and Doing:
  • Dealing with Expectations:
  • Overcoming Technofear:
  • Using Equipment to Legitimate a Lack of Understanding:
  • Dealing with Luddite Attitudes:
  • Running Practical Sessions:
  • Dealing with Keyboard Fiddlers:
  • Minimising the Effects of Systems Failure:
  • Disparate Range of Skills and Experiences:
  • Handling the Mixed Status Environment: