Vigeo International

Training Course Development

Description: This workshop will draw upon real exampes taken from delegates` own experiences in training sessions. In addition, each delegates will need to bring with them a course or section of a course that they are being asked to develop so that individual and group coaching can take place.


  • Experience in training is desireable to fully participate in the programme or an imminent move to such a role.

Training Needs Analysis:

Success Criteria:

Preparing Aims and Objectives:

Content analysis - skills, knowledge and attitude:

Timetable Design:

Familiarity with course subject matter:

Exercise Design - timings, content checking, trials, variety of activities:

KISS - content check against KISS; stories, analogies etc.:

Visual Aids - Which? When? Why? Colour; Animation; Cartoons;:

Making Technical Courses Relevant and Interesting to Delegates:


Pilot Runs?: