Vigeo International

How do we work with a Client?

Identification of Client needs

Through interactive Questions and Answers and extensive discussions, on the design features, structure, type of content, web site audience, etc.

Technical Requirements

The Clients are asked to develop and/or provide the detailed Technical Requirements for the web site. 

Project Scheduling

The defined and agreed timeline will be mandatory for both parties.  In other words, Vigeo will do the development work, while the Client will be requested to provide his/her comments, suggestions, and decisions on a timely basis, as well as make payments according to the agreed schedule.

Web Site Design

On signing the Contract, the Client makes an advance payment for the development of 3 alternative design prototypes (30-50% of the total contract sum) within the next 3 business days. On receiving the advance payment, within the next 7 to 10 business days Vigeo will present 3 alternative designs. On submission of the Design drafts, the Client would select one alternative for further development and would pass his/her comments and suggestions on that particular design issues and site functions/tools.

Signing of Contract and Invoices

In case Clients are based outside Armenia, Vigeo will send a bi-lingual (Armenian and English) contract and an invoice made in conformity with the international laws and Armenian laws and tax legislation.

Financial Terms

The payments will be made in 2 installments. The Advance payment prior to the start of the Design and the Final payment prior to the start of coding / development work. The schedule may be negotiated with the Client to consider the specifics of the Project. The Payments will be made within 3 business days after the submission of Invoices.

Penalties for Schedule failure

Both sides will bear full responsibility for complying with the agreed project schedule. Any delays, e.g., late decisions by the Client, delayed project completion by Vigeo, will be compensated / penalized by the breaching party in the extent of 1% of the Total Contract Sum, for each day of delay.

Project Completion

After project completion Vigeo will request the Client to provide a feedback on the completed work in the form of advice and suggestions that Vigeo might consider to improve its services.

Our Prices

Our prices depend on the types and specifics of the given project.

The final quote is usually made after the examination of Technical Requirements for the web site.

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