Vigeo International

Managing the Sales Team

Description: This course is designed for field sales managers to lead their sales team to success through the application of sound management practice. The focus is on real-life challenges and the existing business environment. One of the course objectives is to analyse the techniques by which a manager of sales people can create an environment for success and to outline for participants practical ideas to make them more effective in their roles


  • Participants will usually be new sales managers or have limited experience but little if any structured training for their role.

Objective Setting & Planning:

  • Outlines the development of measurable performance objectives and developing action plans to achieve them.
  • The focus is on practical issues with each participant learning to detail an action plan based on the yearly budget.

Time Management:

  • Analysing the field sales managers attitude to time and key results areas, outlining methods to analyse present time usage and provide techniques to make effort more productive.

Communication Skills:

  • Outlining the specific skills to help motivate their salespeople to sell. These will include one to one communication, presentation skills and techniques for running company specific training courses.

Coaching & Mentoring:

  • Achieving continuos improvement in performance and attitudes, feedback from customers, correcting skill deficits, uncovering and treating attitude problems, finding supportive opportunities, handling the appraisal positively.

Evaluating Performance:

  • Valuing the salesmans skill, attention to detail and effort-determining achievements based on targets, standardisation of the evaluation system, evaluating potential, handling the appraisal interview.


  • The filed sales manager is taught techniques of successful leadership through developing teamwork. Qualitites of successful leaders are examined to assist the Field Sales Manager in developing a plan for leadership action.


  • Training the Field Sales Manager to delegate objectively, taking consideration of key result areas. Giving authority with responsibility when delegating and developing job specifications to assist delegation.