Vigeo International

Telephone Sales Techniques

Description: This course is aimed at staff who take incoming calls and enquiries from customers as well as those who have to make outgoing calls. Selling by telephone requires an understanding about why and how people make their decisions to buy. To positively influence others one must know about effective sales techniques and make sure that pressurising tactics are never used.


Participants may be new to dealing with and selling to clients by phone or may have some practical experience but no or limited previous structured training.

  • Your role and relationship with customers
  • Communication Skills
  • Questioning Techniques
  • The vital importance of first impressions
  • Making the most of enquiries
  • Why people buy opportunities for increasing business
  • Planning outgoing calls
  • Establishing customer needs
  • Building your case
  • Making appointments
  • Closing the call and securing business
  • Complaints - an opportunity to build goodwill
  • Practical Exercises