Vigeo International

Our Approach

By now you have noticed that Vigeo approach to the problem differs from all other institutions. In short:

  • We do not believe in “memorization” as this necessitates “recalling” sentences, resulting in hesitation.
  • You do not have to read and learn from lengthy course books. Our emphasis is on speaking.
  • We do not conduct classroom lectures monopolized by “teacher talk” rather than “Student talk”
  • We do not confuse students with dry English grammar - you learn it automatically by listening to and practicing correct English.
  • We have improved some of the most well known American and British programs to suit Pakistan’s peculiar circumstances.
  • We ensure that you use maximum number of sences and natural way of learning a language.
  • We have made the course so interesting that you will not experience a single boring moment during the whole course.

An Invitation To Success

Vigeo makes learning English easy and interesting. Many of our students have been surprised at the speed with which they have been able to start speaking fluently. The system ensures that those who attend the course became capable of taking their rightful place in educated society. Whether it be a job interview, or dealing with foreigners or just a social gathering, our students can deal with any situation with confidence because of their excellent command over English language.